Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha yerwada pune 411006 was established in yerwada by Sikhs . By the 1972, a significant number of Sikhs were living in jai jawan nagar the main congregational gathering was at Sri Singh sabha Gurdwara. To accommodate the Sikh Cultural Society was established in 80.

Langar is vegetarian food which is served in a Gurdwara and is also free. In The Gurdwara, sharing food is very important as it is a lesson that Sikhs are taught. All the work involved in preparing the food, serving it and clearing up afterwards is called ‘seva’ which means voluntary, selfless service.

Universal message

“Today, once again, Sikhs rededicate themselves to spread their universal message and serve humanity. The Sikh Temples or Gurdwaras are open every day to everyone to experience meditation, peace and community feast – we Sikhs welcome and invite our Jai jawan nagar, friends to grace our Gurudwaras and bless us with their presence,”

Ten Sikh Gurus !